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Giving back to society: Investing an appropriate part of the profit in social projects
We are convinced an organization exists by virtue of the rewards it receives for the added value it delivers to a segment of society. This is why as an organization we see it as our responsibility to give what we can back to society in order to make it a better place. And because society is made up of people, we invest in social projects that focus on people and empowering them to pursue their own fulfilment.
Transparent Trading's Charitable Foundation's mission is to focus on specific key priority areas:
  • Poverty
  • Medical Research
  • Child Welfare
  • Education
  • Diversity
  • Community Support
Our approach
The Foundation makes a number of donations each year, providing resources for charities and organizations that demonstrate exceptional promise, strong leadership, distinguished records of accomplishment and the clear capacity to utilize the donations wisely.
Ineligible parties and projects
The Foundation does not make grants to individuals; fraternal organizations; political causes, campaigns, or candidates.
There are no fixed deadlines. The Foundation makes grants throughout the year.
Grant Enquiries should be directed to:      

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