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Discretionary Investment Management Service
Using our experience and the Transparent Trading investment model, we can help you design and implement a wealth strategy that underpins your goals.
Whether your focus is on generating new wealth or preserving or enhancing existing wealth, we can build a wealth strategy that will help you achieve your investment objectives.
Tailored portfolio management service
You will have a single point of contact responsible for providing you with an individual, personal advice about your portfolio strategy. Their advice will be based on an understanding of your investment portfolio and your financial objectives, obtained through meetings and discussions with you. You can decide on the level of support and frequency of contact that you feel comfortable with.
However, you will gain far more than just support for your investment decisions, with advice around asset allocation, updates of specific changes within the market or to particular funds, ongoing analysis of funds, advice on for new investments and alternative market entry strategies.
To maximize the potential for growth across your portfolio, we take a holistic approach. We are regularly and the and look ahead to the so that we can guide you on the right strategy to maximize returns across your portfolio, whatever the market conditions.
The result is that you can pursue your investment aims with a greater degree of confidence in times of both market volatility and opportunity.
Alternative investment strategies
We have market-leading expertise and experience in providing alternative investments. We can give you access to globally diversified investment techniques and opportunities which are specially designed to:

  • Reduce volatility and improve returns
  • Preserve your capital
  • Use diversification to increase performance
We employ a multi-manager approach, using some of the world’s leading alternative investment managers who have been chosen for their expertise in specific markets. We constantly monitor our managers to ensure that they meet the performance guidelines we set.
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