Transparent Trading Group Ltd. - "Fortune favours the well prepared"
Transparent Trading (TT) aims to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for its clients. Risk management is central to the firm’s culture. Our unique methods for managing volatility and “left side” tail and extreme risk are an integral component of our offerings.
Our core investment capabilities lie in the following areas:
Currency Alpha:
'We manage global currency alpha portfolios and seek to achieve mid-teens returns over rolling periods. We expect these returns to be uncorrelated with other asset classes.
Currency Overlay:
We offer a choice of currency management solutions to help reduce risk and/or enhance returns via alpha strategies and through dynamic or passive hedging.
Dynamic Hedging:
Our team of experienced professionals combine their extensive knowledge of the drivers of financial markets across asset classes with a systematic approach, aiming to generate alpha returns for investors in both funded and overlay investment strategies.
Alternative Strategies:
Alternative Strategies (AS) pursues its objective by using various investment strategies and allocating its assets among multiple sub-advisors who employ a variety of investment strategies in pursuit of attractive returns consistent with capital appreciation.
Opportunity is a dynamic multi-strategy hedge fund that runs a concentrated portfolio of diverse positions. The Fund has a bias towards with a market overlay to take advantage of the current high volatility. The Fund trades FX, equities, OTC and listed options, market and commodity futures. As the name suggests, the Fund is opportunistic in nature and will also utilize leverage for short-term trades and overlays.
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