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Transparent Trading Capital Partners
TTCP is the first in a series of private equity funds raised by Transparent Trading to take advantage of opportunities in various industry sectors. The fund invests in global growth sectors and distressed situations where it can add value. The fund expects a 2-to-3 year investment period with a 5-to-7 year exit.
Transparent Trading Oil Field Services
TTOS has been active since 2010 in the physical trading of Oil and Gas. The Company shares some of its clients with Energetic Oilfield Services. Our trading activities cover all geographical areas and serve a network of oil organizations, major oil companies and independent trading companies. TTOS trades in Crude Oil and the full array of its products, as well as specialized products where opportunities arise.
Transparent Trading Real Estate
Transparent Trading Real Estate Ltd (TTRE) is a subsidiary of the Transparent Trading Group and is tasked with sourcing and managing the group's real estate investments. To date, TTRE has overseen an investment program for the group and its individual partners of over $1,4 billion in equity investments and financing facilities. It has a broad geographical focus with investments in the USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and the Pacific. It continues to identify and source attractive investments for the group.
Transparent Real Estate Finance Fund
The Transparent Real Estate Finance Fund lends directly to end borrowers in European and North American real estate bridging finance market, with a focus on city residential property. The Fund holds a first legal charge against each property that it lends against. The Fund can only lend on a first charge basis and has a very conservative LTV portfolio average (usually between 50-60%). The Fund is open-ended and trades and will provide investors with a net return between 6-10% p.a., payable half yearly.

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